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The Story Behind Mongolian Village (Tex-Mex Menu) (You Won’t Believe It)

Located in Bell’s Corners, “Mongolian Village (Tex-Mex Menu)” is a home-grown Mexican Grill restaurant of Mongolian Village Grill. We are proud to serve healthy Mexican food including health food such as veggies, salad, noodles bowls, and cauliflower rice, and a lot more to relish. Keeping the authentic traditional flavors of the Mexican cuisine, our dishes include chipotle chicken, beef Barbacoa and one of the best burritos that you would find across Ottawa. Our menu also includes nachos, quesadillas, cocktails, and much more.

What’s your food mood?

Umm… Burritos… nachos… tacos… quesadillas… salads… All this is making you hungry, isn’t it?

A Fresh Spin On Fresh Mex

We bring you a menu with a choice of 35+ fresh ingredients. Just naturally whole & wholesome, farm-to-fork fresh ingredients. We offer health bowls and noodle bowls for take-out, dine-in, and delivery. From the second you walk into Mongolian Village (Tex-Mex Menu), you’ll notice a difference. Our Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice is the latest plant-based option added to our menu. Adding the zest first-ever customizable entrée to our menu is the Hand-crafted Quesadilla.


Loaded with awesomeness, smothered in love, and guaranteed to put a smile (and maybe a little sauce) on every face.


Leafy-fresh goodness, lightly loaded with every taste, texture, color & temperature of food we offer.


A deliciously crisp tortilla cradles the most tender & flavorful proteins imaginable. Garnish with your favorite, super-fresh salsa.


Drizzled with our habit-forming queso and perfectly layered with fresh beans, salsa & protein on every bite.


Tortillas hot stuffed with fresh cheddar cheese…and anything else YOU want!

We pride ourselves on bold flavors, hand-made salsas, and fresh ingredients. We have an 8 feet long traditional WOK grill and Pan-Asian food bar as well as a traditional Mexican and health food bar under one roof. Come relish authentic Mongolian food and Mexican food at Mongolian Village (Tex-Mex Menu) Healthy Mexican Grill – True Taste of Mexico.

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